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Professional Legal Expertise

I earned my JD degree from John Marshal Law School, located in Chicago, IL and I have been licensed to practice law in Illinois since 1986. Through continuing education courses, professional publications, and contact with other legal professionals, I stay up to date on current changes and future trends in the federal & Illinois laws, local ordinances, rules and regulations, and filing requirements.

Tax Professional Expertise

I earned my Bachelor's in Accounting Degree from the University of Illinois located in Champaign, IL and I have been licensed to practice as a CPA in Illinois since 1974. I spent 2 years working in the audit and tax divisions of Arthur Andersen & Co., 7 years employed in internal audit & acquisitions/divestitures at Quarter Oats Company, 3 years as manager of swine marketing at Continental Grain Company, and 2 years in acquisitions with Garvey International before opening my own private practice.

Through offering pre-printed questioners as part of my free organizers and asking the right questions, I attempt to illicit information leading to you being able to tax advantage of all the legal deductions possible and receiving the maximum refund possible.

Professional state-of- the art software technology is utilized to computer prepare, review and electronically file all returns help ensure your taxes are done right.

The prior three years returns are reviewed free of charge, and if I find errors, amended returns can be prepared for nominal fees.

I provide guidance and advice tailored to your specific tax situation to help you maximize your current tax refund and prepare to take advantage of changes in the future.

Business Formation Services

I provide guidance and advice tailored to your specific business situation to help you select the best form for your business to maximize tax advantages and minimize your start-up costs.

I prepare all documents needed to establish the entity of your choice (partnership, corporation, LLC) which can all be reviewed and signed at one visit.

My services include not only preparing documents to establish the business entity, but I also prepare the documents to register the new business with the IRS (for income & payroll taxes, and making the S-corporation election, if necessary), IL Dept. of Revenue (for income, payroll & sales taxes), and IDES (for employment taxes). In addition, for corporations & LLC, I provide a records book which includes stock certificates, the initial minutes of the first shareholder & board member meetings, and other records.


Mike Kliff

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